Leigh Forrest – L’Oréal Colour Trophy Semi-Finalist

AwardsApril 12th, 2018
Charlie Miller, Styling since 1965


Leigh Forrest, Stafford Street Assistant Salon Manager, has been hairdressing for 18 years. She competed in the L’Oréal Colour Trophy awards last year and made it to London’s Grand Final. She describes this as an amazing experience, “it’s incredible that our Directors encourage us to enter; it shows how much they believe in us and our abilities. To be competing is terrifying but it’s so exciting.”

Fascinated by contemporary movements and in particular the recent centenary of the Women’s Vote Leigh was spurred on to research previous decades. She felt inspired by the 20’s in particular and the idea behind her look was born. “The 20s was all about female empowerment and about defying beauty norms. It was about women doing what they want, when they want and doing it looking how they want. Having shorter hair was one of the ways women expressed themselves and  inspired me to create my look. I have the same model as last year but have created a totally different look.”


The Stafford Street salon has been behind Leigh all the way. “Everyone is so excited for me which is so nice. Younger stylists have been so inspired and are hoping to compete too one day after seeing me go through the process. I’m now working on adding the final touches to my models outfit which has been a really exciting and fun aspect, I’m in the stages of picking a killer pair of shoes to complete the look and then I’m ready to hit Glasgow!”

When the awards are over Leigh is looking forward to growing as a stylist and to continue working on creative projects. The winner of the L’Oréal Colour Trophy is given a massive amount of amazing opportunities and it will open so many doors so if any new opportunities come out of the awards at all it will be deemed a success by Leigh, “I just can’t wait to see my model on the stage and I’m hoping it looks as amazing as I think it will.”

In a bid to reach the Grand Finals of the 2018 L’Oréal Colour Trophy in London in June, Leigh is competing in the semi-finals of this prestigious event at the SEC in Glasgow on April 18th alongside 2 other Charlie Miller Colourists, Rosslyn Orr and Tammy Neillings.

We wish them all the very best of luck!


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