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HairJanuary 11th, 2024
Charlie Miller, Styling since 1965

If you’ve got questions about extensions, you’re in for a treat! Whether you’re looking for added thickness, more length, or chemical-free colour, extensions could be the perfect solution. Our expert Ellie breaks down the most common queries, so you can ignite your understanding and wave goodbye to any confusion!

At Charlie Miller we take pride in our commitment to ethically sourced human hair, providing you with the finest extensions while promoting sustainability. We proudly stand by the excellence of Great Lengths, a B-Corp Certified brand that ensures ethical fabulousness! The hair is ethically sourced from India in the most responsible way, and the extensions are handcrafted in Italy, promising premium quality and long-lasting beauty!

But here’s the beautiful twist in the tale: when you’re done with your extensions, they don’t have to end up in the bin! Send them to The Little Princess Trust, a cause close to our hearts. Your worn extensions will transformed into wigs for children and young people experiencing hair loss from cancer or other illnesses.

Some reasons why Great Lengths extensions and the brand stand out:

Premium quality
Each strand is gently processed (low and slow) to a variety of shades and tones. They are then expertly blended, to give clients the most natural and seamless results. The extensions are long-lasting, and will not cause any damage to clients natural hair or scalp.

Blended by hand
Great Lengths hair extensions are handmade in Italy. The extensions are expertly blended, strand by strand, and are respectful of the raw materials’ integrity.

Ethically sourced
Great Lengths hair is sourced in India in a traceable, ethical, and responsible way.

Made in Italy
Great Lengths is fully respecting of human rights, local traditions, and ethical values. Every strand encapsulates experienced Italian craftsmanship, together with the application of increasingly state-of-the-art technology developed in the field of hair extensions and in their application.

Support Local Communities
The company is involved in many activities to support local communities and to give back to the communities from where the hair is sourced.

Providing hair to those who need it most
The brand’s partnership with The Little Princess Trust was an industry first, allowing people to donate their worn hair extensions, once removed, to the charity to use the hair to make wigs for children and young people experiencing hair loss from cancer and other illnesses.

Beauty and self-care first
The goal at Great Lengths is to help to empower women to feel like their true selves and find confidence in how they look and how they feel.

B-Corp Certified
Great Lengths is the first extension company to achieve B Corp status in 2022, a reflection of the company’s dedication to use the business as a force for good, aligning with rigourous social and environmental standards.

Curious to learn more, don’t hesitate to check out our page on extensions here and find out more about this industry leading brand. Alternatively, you can book a consultation today at any of our 4 Edinburgh salons by calling your preferred salon. Full details can be found here. Your dream hair could be just an appointment away!

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